What’s Next for 1-UP?

5 min readJan 23, 2022


We wanted to take this opportunity to fill everyone in on the current state of project development, our ongoing private NFT round and future marketing strategy.

In the past several months, the blockchain gaming scene has exploded. This recent market dump will surely be the proving ground, where we will see which of these P2E entries are committed enough and have a product worthy enough to persevere after this market-wide shake up we are experiencing. So what sets 1-UP apart? What gives it a competitive advantage to remain standing as the go-to gaming platform, once the dust settles from this crypto nuclear winter?

Simple. 1-UP is NOT building a game for the crypto market.

Here are some key takeaways of the 1-UP advantage

  • The platform is far more attractive to mainstream mobile gaming markets vs crypto.
  • Marketing firms have informed us that our platform will have a much easier route to convert mainstream gamers and crossover, due to the larger viewership of influencers and Twitch streamers.
  • Instantly familiar and nostalgic gameplay leads to a higher engagement loop and repeat plays. Win to earn would be highly appealing to casual gamers.
  • Modding communities across mainstream titles like Minecraft, and Roblox are seeing consistent revenue increase. Minecraft modders earned $350m over in a single quarter from the Minecraft marketplace. 1-UP’s B2E (Build to Earn) mode will capture part of this market share to generate revenue that is dependent neither on the current crypto market, nor on token price.
  • Player character skins have generated games like CS:GO, PUBG mobile, and Fortnite billions of dollars annually. Character skins, loot and weapons which incorporate smart NFT technology is the next logical step in the concept of player-owned property in video games.

While the hype bubble that we’ve seen recently is imploding on itself, NFT sales and volume continue to see upward momentum. New records are being set, with $3.5b all-time highs being seen on Opensea within the first two weeks of the year. Creating a real use case for dynamic and upgradeable in-game assets, beyond simply having static NFTs — is a core concept for 1-UP. This gives real value to cosmetic skins and character traits, which can also easily be owned outright, traded or sold through the 1-UP marketplace.

With this in mind, 1-UP is focusing on the next phase of growth and development by launching our first-generation NFT sale Whitelist which will let us execute our roadmap and vision, irrespective of the market downturn. Details on the whitelist will be released to our community soon.

Low tier Egg collection without the bonus pNFT

Generation One NFT mint

  • Exclusive eggs that reveal a collection of rare characters, weapons and in-game assets, beginning with a private sale, which will be used to speed up development of 2 games, the NFT marketplace, a level editor and content creation tools.

The NFT sale revenue and any secondary marketplace royalties will be used to promote and market the platform to mainstream as well as crypto gamers.

  • Allows for private and public fundraising without placing sell pressure on the project token, i.e., there will be no market dumps.
Two Egg types that include the pNFT and only available with the GEN 1 mint
  • Certain levels of NFTs will have mechanics built in to allow access to marketplace profit-sharing pools. We call this a pNFT. This type of NFT will only be minted in the Generation 1 sale, and will help hold the floor value of the asset over time.
  • pNFT profit-sharing pools will be funded directly from 1-UP and secondary marketplace royalties. It would be the equivalent of being able to collect marketplace revenue from game platforms like Minecraft, or Roblox…in perpetuity…just for holding and staking your pNFT.

Once the GEN 1 mint is complete, we can continue to build and polish a premium game experience, begin generating buzz through well-thought-out marketing campaigns, and expand the development team, so that we can reach our development-cycle milestones in a timely manner.

Key strategy decisions for 1-UP

  • Strategic funding through strong partnerships with top-tier VC funds.
  • Closing the Generation 1 NFT rounds for public and private fundraising.
  • Working with a competent marketing and consulting firm, who understands our vision and will work as part of the team, as opposed to simply being there to tweet on our behalf and move on.
  • Expanding the 1-UP team and internal structure, by opening a headquarters and creating a dedicated game studio for our core team to head; managing a team of game and asset developers full time.
  • Executing tight integration with blockchain, while keeping the barrier to entry low for players who are not used to interacting with crypto or DeFi.
  • Contracting experienced specialists to build and refine our in-game rewards and marketplace economy for a seamless experience between F2P, P2E, W2E (Win to Earn), and B2E (Build to Earn).

Instead of building a game solely around a static NFT, 1-UP comes out ahead as a marketable and viable product for mainstream crossover. To achieve this, we are putting the game platform at the forefront of our strategy and will seamlessly integrate blockchain elements into the environment. Redefining in-game NFT usage will put 1-UP on the map as a leader in this sector. This strategy will translate into creating an easy path to onboard new players from all demographics. 1-UP stands as one of the only blockchain-enabled games in development to truly have the crossover potential needed to propel it into mainstream success.

Our goal is simple. We want to build an engaging and fun platform for video game players from any sector to enjoy and be rewarded for being part of the 1-UP family.

Join us, and 1-UP your game experience!

Telegram: https://t.me/game1up

Discord: https://discord.gg/c637gUPPWs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/game1uptoken




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