Time for a 1-UPdate…

5 min readApr 19, 2022


Greetings, 1-UP fam! We hope this update finds you well, as it’s been a while since the last official announcement. The team has been extra hard at work, setting up for the next phase of the project. Let’s dig into the broad strokes, and see what’s in the immediate future for 1-UP!

Pulling all the Gears and Levers

The team has been hard at work, preparing new features and developing tools that are central to the mission statement and concept of 1-UP. We’ve hired new coders, been squashing bugs, creating new art, and refining existing assets to bring our beta one step closer to a live state.

As you know, custom user content is a major aspect of the 1-UP ecosystem. Not only does it allow for more content, but it will enable a wider range of people the opportunity to be a part of 1-UP. You’ll be glad to know that the development of these tools, allowing characters and even custom level design, is fully underway. This will allow not only the community to bring in their own creations, but also allow for us to make custom levels and character packs for partner projects; which we can then package and place on our internal marketplace. More utility, deeper economy, healthier ecosystem. These things create long-term sustainability and will help ensure our success going forward.

Taking 1-UP on the Road

Outside the Moscone Center in SF.

As you know, 1-UP has been in stealth mode for most of its development. This is because our goal is to be able to show an amazing product to our current, and wider community. Shortly after announcing our partnership last month, we were cordially invited by the Phantasma team to attend this year’s GDC conference in San Francisco with them. Let’s just say 1-UP definitely made its mark during our big debut.

This year at GDC, web3 and blockchain was on full display. In addition to many of the big players in this sector (IMX, FTX, Harmony, Binance, WAX just to name a few), we found and spoke with dozens of developers offering amazing technology solutions, which should help 1-UP achieve its goals on a much faster pace.

And we also spent plenty of time showing off the platform to those we met. Faces were melted on a consistent basis. People loved the retro vibe, the idea behind 1-UP, and especially our Build to Earn features. A massive success all around. Of course, we made sure to also give credit where it was due, and let everyone know that the only way to bring these features into the real was through the amazing tech that Phantasma has to offer.

Day two saw Dok and Scott, from Phantasma, heading over to the Twitch HQ for a Twitter space on P2E gaming. Our thanks to all involved for making that happen. It was a real treat seeing the Twitch HQ while we were there.

We also might have thrown a keg party later that day, and invited all of our blockchain and web3 compatriots for a cold one. Making friends is fun!

Day three wrapped up the conference, but not before a live AMA session with Scott from Phantasma; which had some riveting questions come from those viewing. A perfect ending to an amazing experience, and our first public showing of the 1-UP platform.

Free beer brings great conversations along with it.

Welcome to Miami

After GDC, there wasn’t much time to rest, as Dok then headed back out on the road. This time to Miami, for NFT week and the Shitcoin 2022 conference. And what a week it was. Thousands of enthusiasts, projects, artists, and some amazing music throughout the week made this a great way to connect with a completely different side of people in the crypto space.

And what did I spy just outside the convention center, you ask???

I think it’s a sign…

The NFT conference was full of great presentations, and new and exciting projects. From art, to games, and even a great booth from a group of kids who are making their own way into the NFT space. Again, jaws dropped when gameplay footage was shown in conversation. Not only that, but some great connections were made with other projects attending, who were interested in joining and collaborating with the 1-UP community.

Just how did that get there?

We’ll have more details on future partnerships in the upcoming weeks, and are so excited to share our project, show our new partner projects to you, and meet n’ greet with all the new community members who will be joining us.

1-UP Mint: The First Generation

Yes, we saved the best for last. Friends, the time is nigh and the stage is being set for our first NFT mint! Soon, we will have all the details you need to prepare and get set for the Generation 1 NFT mint. Along with this will be our migration from Telegram over to Discord, so that we can develop our community and player base more effectively. We have some great things lined out as part of this mint, which will be exclusive to Gen 1 holders, and provide a level of utility that will reward our trusted and dedicated community members for your continued support.

The proceeds from this mint will go towards rapidly expanding the 1-UP team, creating dynamic marketing campaigns, setting up a real world studio, and allowing the team to unleash the full creative force and vision for the 1-UP platform.

Expect more announcements, more partnerships, more features and more FUN coming your way in the upcoming weeks ahead!

And, as always — thank you for everything you do, and for being a part of this journey with us. We can’t wait to take this next step forward with you.

And for the rest of you out there — join us, and 1-UP your blockchain gaming experience!

The 1-UP Team





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