Retro World 2.0

8 min readNov 23, 2021


Setting Up the Rocket

If you’ve been with the project for any amount of time, you know what the 1-UP team is all about. We intend to build highly engaging games with excellent incentives for our amazing community. While Nintendo did notice what we’ve been up to at 1-UP with a few hiccups along the way. We’re full speed ahead on rolling out the biggest update yet, and we can’t wait to share with you more details regarding this exciting new addition to the already tantalizing game play. You’ve all told us you want more, and we hear you loud and clear!

With our incredible enthusiasm in mind, the team has something that we’d like to share. Like we said in the last update in which we announced the groundbreaking prototype, we now see what’s possible with 1-UP. Sure, we’re building enticing 2D games that anyone in the world can enjoy. However, we’re going much further than that. We’re constructing an interoperable, community-driven, highly engaging and incentivized global Esports platform that will take over the world of gaming! While we’re taking this rocket all the way to the moon, sometimes you find yourself flying too close to the sun.

A Rocket building frenzy

While we build like machines, the team is 100% human at the end of the day. We’re feeling the burnout from this sprint, and we’ve had literal blood, sweat, and tears shed these past few weeks. While we sprinted full speed towards the target date set for release, we fell short of the mark, and for that, we apologize to the community. We understand the feeling of having a package arrive late, and we know how tall of an order this shipment was for the community. We want to take the time to explain why this happened, the scope of what we’re building, and the steps we’re taking as a team to avoid similar future instances.

At 1-UP, we’re building the platform, team, and community for the long term. Sustainability stands at the heart of all our efforts. We want to provide as much context as possible to the community as we humbly ask for your patience as we put the final touches on the upcoming blockbuster of an update. Just like Elon’s rockets took several iterations to perfect, we’re constantly iterating on the 1-UP codebase behind the scenes. This iterative process led to the exciting realization that the project delivers so much more than a deeply engaging 2D side scroller.

We’re expanding the retro side of the game significantly and bringing groundbreaking new game modes to the platform in the next few weeks. However, in good faith, we cannot compromise quality and give the community anything less than what they deserve: the absolute best. For these reasons, the team proposes a solution that will take pressure off the team and facilitate the quality deliverables the community knows, loves, and deserves. As we advance, we will implement rigorous roadmaps and timetables but no hard delivery dates — an extra few weeks can make the difference between a successful rocket or a fiery inferno.

Landing Successfully

To drive home the scope and scale of this update and the ethos of building sustainably for the long term, let’s check out just a handful of features coming in the next couple of weeks. Updated graphics will facilitate a sleek new look and feel to the game. New modes like deathmatch, arena, and battle royale will add significant new options for players to experience the game differently. Custom rooms allow players to set their own fee structures, offer bonuses in the prize pool, and host their own tournaments. Tired of twisting your hands? The pending update introduces customizable key bindings for desktop and mobile touch controls, so you can engage with 1-UP while on the move. We’re not just building a game — we’re building an entire gaming ecosystem and showing the world how it’s done right.

Prototype Dashboard Overview

Website URL will be provided when the second build is released. Click connect wallet to connect to your metamask wallet. You can now set your Username. A dark theme loads up initially, which you can change to a light version with the button on the top right corner.

In the user dashboard you can change your username or avatar anytime. Check your EGGS balance and 1-UP token balance. An authenticator will generate a code which you will need after you start the game client. This is to keep things safe and secure at all times in case of password hacks.

Continue to Step 1

The next step takes you to the exchange. It’s where you deposit 1-UP testnet tokens for EGGS, which is the in-game currency that you will use for free to play activation, betting mode, buying in-game items, hosting game sessions among other things.

First step is to make sure you are on the ropsten ETH testnet by opening metamask and switching to it. The wallet connection might freeze so simply refresh the page manually if it does. Then click on the URL to get free ropsten eth sent to your wallet.

Second step is to claim test tokens once you have your roptsen test eth. Wait a minute till your 1-UP test tokens show up in your balance. Now click the max button and approve the swap to EGGS. Wait a minute for the approval, then click the exchange button. You should now have EGGS show up under your eggs balance minus the 5% fee.

All set to game

1-UP platform will feature its first game engine wrapped in a standard retro 2d skin. The idea is to allow for more than one graphical theme to be made available and to let content creators wrap the retro world engine with their own UI, level and character skins.

Go to the website Dashboard, copy the AUTH code and start the client which will be made available for download on release date. On the start up screen you can enter your username and paste the Auth code you copied earlier. Once on the main screen. Select your character (character selection will be ready by release) and click PLAY.

Joining and Launching game sessions

Browse through a list of rooms to join that have already been hosted. Or you can click Quick Join and select the type of game you want to play, either free to play or betting mode. Free to play automatically searches for f2p rooms and if you enter a fee and click Bet, it will match you to rooms with fees for that amount or lower.

If you want to host your own game event. You can click the Create Room button.

Here you can enter the room name, entry fee, bonus you will provide players from your own 1-UP account, a password, Solo or Duo modes and the amount of players.You as a host can select the map that will be used for the session or you can allow players to vote.

Select a slot for either solo or duo mode. Duo allows you to team up with someone else, so just find the user and select the slot.

A game host can kick any user he wants. Once the host clicks start, players will get a timer to click ready. A green indicator will activate on the top right avatar box if you click ready. If you don’t click ready by the time the timer ends, you get kicked out of the room.

Game Modes:

Battle Royale: 10–100 player matches where 1 player or team will be the last ones standing. Rewards distributed between the top ranked players.

Arena mode: Features 1v1 or 2v2 small scale levels for quick fight to the death matches. Winner takes all.

Team Deathmatch: 5v5–50v50 rooms where the team that racks up the most kills wins. Winning team takes all.

New Build Feature list:

  • Reskinned retro world theme. Just generic prototype base skins for now. More will be added overtime.
  • New UI and new characters to play with.
  • Create password protected rooms.
  • Custom key bindings.
  • Mobile touch controls.
  • Ability to climb ladders.
  • Ability to jump very high using jump pads.
  • Day and Night cycle during game sessions.
  • New levels — Forest, Castle dungeon, Desert.
  • Smaller Arena and team deathmatch levels.

Below you will see the first drafts of the reskinned retro theme. These are early work in progress level designs. This will be the generic skins we will use to get the first standard 2d retro theme out at light speed, then build and release additional skins over time.

1-UP World ( first beta test level)

An overview of the reskinned prototype test level. Featuring dynamic lighting that can be turned on or off. About 70% complete
A lot of people had difficulty with the previous caverns…this new version is smooth as silk and easy to navigate.
Castle area at the top section of the previous build redesigned.

Happy Forest World

An overview of just a portion of the forest world at night. Night/Day cycle can be selected by hosts or completely turned off. It does make game sessions more intense.
Same area as game sessions transition to day time. Map is about 60% complete
Players can hide behind bushes and rocks, climb vines and ladders and use the red Jump Pads to leap away from opponents.

Desert World - Egypt

About 40% complete. Egyptian desert landscape with underground caverns and tombs to explore. Watch out for that quicksand.

We want to reiterate how humbled and thankful the team feels for having the amazing community standing with us. Without your support, feedback, and patience, the platform wouldn’t exist as it does today. Hopefully, this peek behind the scenes provides insight into what happened, where we’re going as a team and community, and the amazing journey we face together. The sky is the limit, and just like Elon’s rockets, we’re not only shooting for the moon but want to hit our mark successfully when we land. The team is now well-rested, intensely driven, and developing full force. Keep an eye out on the 1-UP social media channels for the pending release of this next playable build, we have no doubt you’ll find it well worth the wait.




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