New and Improved 1-UP Beta build release

3 min readDec 17, 2021


1-UP World — reskinned underground dungeon map

Happy Beta Launch day!

Today is the day we launch the highly anticipated 1-UP-Platform Beta! After 6 long weeks of long days and sleepless nights from the team (and the community), the team are happy to launch the re-skinned, feature-rich Open Beta test!

However, this is still a Beta and not a full launch of the game. Having users try and test this version is KEY to ensuring the game is the best it can possibly be. The main point of this is to stress test the game and user scalability, along with find and squash any pesky bugs that may have avoided the QA stage.

Just to reiterate, this is not:

❌ A full launch of the game
❌ A finished product

This is:

✅ A Beta Test
✅ An unfinished product that is a work in progress
✅ A great way of finding bugs and improving the game
✅ An opportunity to help improve and stabilize the game
✅ An opportunity to try the game and have some fun!

With that being said, we want the best possible experience, with lots of people playing!

Be sure to hang out in the Discord voice channels while playing, and report any bugs in the #🐛report-bugs🐛 channel! And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new website launch today as well. Join our discord and check the announcements to begin.

How to play Summary:

Visit and click PLAY NOW, then head over to the gamezone section to download the windows game software (MacOS soon). Extract it to any folder. Do not launch yet.

First get on boarded by following the steps on the website dashboard. After creating your username, securing 1-UP test tokens and exchanging them for EGGS. Generate a pass code and log into the game client with your user name and pass code

How to join:

1 — Select your character from the character selection.

2 — If you want to host a room with your rules just press on create room and start creating the room, or you can just join another host’s room from the room list.

3 — when the host starts the game you have 20 seconds to press ready if you didn’t you will get kicked out

4 — If you are a host, you have to press start. If not, once a host starts, you have 20 seconds to click ready or you get kicked out of the room. After pressing ready you will get in the game and start fighting.

How to play:

Retro world is a battle royal game where the top winners earn rewards for being the last players standing. You will get powerups by destroying the question mark boxes that will help you gain an advantage in a fight. What are the powerups?

1-Mushroom makes you bigger with more health. You get the ability to shoot and have melee attacks

2-Shield bubble makes you invincible for a few seconds.

3- Thunder bolt makes you move faster and jump higher.

4-Ultimate ability (icon of of two crossed swords), every character got it’s own unique ultimate ability which go through walls with a big hitbox

Use the key bindings to setup your game controller or keyboard for custom key binds.




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