1UP Beta Goes LIVE!

Good News: 1UP is entering our Testnet phase! But there’s still much work to be done, and we need serious community members willing to chip in and… play some games. Will you lend us your controller in solidarity?

Making Diamonds

The statement “Building world-class products is hard” hardly merits controversy. For every successful rocket SpaceX sends hurdling into the atmosphere, we find countless husks of failed launches. This winding road to consistent success serves as a defining feature for almost every industry in the global economy. What would it have looked like if Elon Musk walked away from SpaceX after his first failure? What about after his hundredth failure?

The scariest thing isn’t failure itself but a failure to persist in the face of failure.

The building process also entails a lot of dirt (okay, not literal dirt unless you’re working in the physical world or playing Dig Dug.) Building entails much trial and error, innovative and thoughtful experimentation, and deep collaboration between teams and community members. The pressure of consistent effort in solving emerging problems ultimately yields the best possible configuration as the trial and error process gives way to results.

In this way, DeFi protocols resemble lumps of coal. Not all pieces of coal end up as diamonds. Some never face sufficient pressure to undergo the transformation, while others remain quite satisfied with staying coal. However, much like the coal that undergoes sufficient heat and pressure, the DeFi protocols forged in the heat of the fires of hard work and the pressure of innovating shine the brightest. Just like Elon’s rockets that took so many iterations to perfect.

Launching Rockets

The 1UP team and community have certainly felt the pressures of building and being a fledgling DeFi protocol. Bringing genuine, blockchain-based fun to the public remains a mission statement that burns fiercely in our hearts. Wider adoption won’t happen if public perception of blockchain persists as dog-based currency and million-dollar JPEGs. People love to have fun, and society needs blockchain — 1UP shows them why and how.

Nevertheless, we understand that reality trumps potentiality. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce that 1UP officially begins our Testnet phase this October! With an expanded team, growing community, and consistently improving protocol, the future remains bright. However, we must surmount the hurdles in front of us if we wish to reap the rewards of past efforts.

Much like Elon’s rockets, these hurdles represent a natural part of the building process. The messy nature of building inevitable leaves even the most promising endeavors looking less than glamorous in their early days. However, while coal sits cooking into a highly coveted diamond, we can’t imagine it looks too attractive until the process concludes.

Today’s fruits bore from last year’s labor, so let’s get to building!

BETA Test Form


Click the form link above or check our telegram and twitter announcement for the Beta Test Form and instructions. Willing members of the community can fill it out for their opportunity to lend a hand in the testing process. While games are fun, keep in mind that this is indeed a test — bugs are expected, and isolating outstanding issues remains a core part of the process.

For this reason, we ask that all applicants remain sensitive to the fact that this is very much part of the development process. By participating as an active Beta Tester, you become part of the 1UP team, helping to develop the protocol in a truly distributed manner. Additionally, Beta Testers will be the first to experience the exciting developments occurring behind the scenes at 1UP (some may include Elon and a space X jetpack in the near future… we can’t say much more at this time.)

Cheers to You All

We want to extend an invitation to all community members to participate in this exciting new step in our journey. The 1UP team understands that the process of building looks a bit different for every community member. Some individuals want to stand front and center with the team, providing their time and energy in the collaborative spirit that originally built this industry.

Alternatively, other community members remain content to take a “wait and see” approach to their contribution. Nevertheless, your ardent support for the building process remains a crucial part of our efforts. Passive support still firmly counts as a vote in favor of building the 1UP protocol to exist as the preemptive tool to bring blockchain to the masses!

Whether toiling fingers or diamond hands, we extend our deepest and sincerest gratitude to all community members. We appreciate your continued support as we move into the next stages of development for 1UP! We’re entering an incredibly exciting time as we continue to test proverbial rockets, working tirelessly to identify the most impactful configuration to bring blockchain gaming to the world.

With so many exciting developments, opportunities for community inclusion, and new game modes coming online, we remain incredibly bullish about the future of the 1UP platform and community. Let’s show the world what it means to be a truly decentralized community united behind a common goal! Grab a controller, play some games, and help change the world.



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