1-UPdate Sept 2022

4 min readSep 8, 2022


1-UP fans, we have lots to talk about!

We are getting close to mainnet release and are on target for our early Q4 2022 deadline. The final details of what features will be available are still being hashed out, but expect to see a new build of Retro World, the 1-UP metaverse and game launcher in action, Meme Arena, an early level builder, character creator, and monetization of games. Our roadmap is lofty and there is still a lot to build out to complete the full vision of what the 1-UP platform can be, but this mainnet release should prove the team is in it to build the best possible product to attract gamers, builders, and reward our loyal community members.

Some important points of order / anticipated questions:

Q: Are we still going to bridge to BSC?

A: Not at this time. The framework is in place to allow for multiple chains to be used, but due to security concerns with so many recent bridge attacks and the cost of development and bridge fees the decision was to stay an ERC-20 token only for now.

Q: Are we still partnering with Phantasma?

A: This first stage will not include the Phantasma NFT or blockchain tech. They have been acutely focused on recovery from their exploit earlier in the year while we worked diligently on our gaming platform and it did not allow for collaboration on joining forces. We are still open to including their smart NFT technology in the future of the game, but it will not be part of this Gen 1 release.

Q: When NFTs?

A: Soon. Contracts are written and assets are ready to go. We are weighing some options on how best to onboard communities, delegate whitelist spots, and overall plan for a successful mint during a down market. Fear not, a character drop is just around the corner for you to use in game.

Q: Where’s Link?

A: Don’t fret, Link has not gone anywhere. He’s just working hard at his intended job of connecting the web3 and gaming dev teams. Community outreach, socials, etc. have been entrusted to the team of Mr. Berry, Goth, Zodar, and Wojjj/Adrian with Doktor Funk continuing talks with various investor teams. We had several excellent meetings this week with Link, Dok, Berry and some exchanges, incubators, and VC advisors. The goal is to secure the future of the 1-UP project and to be proactive in rewarding 1-UP token holders for their patience during development. Link will still pop in the community to give some backend and tech updates as needed.

Q: Did we abandon Telegram?

A: Not exactly. Gaming and NFT communities are more concentrated in Discord now, so that’s where we are focusing our efforts. As the 1-UP token takes off again we expect to see more activity in Telegram given the nature of crypto. The community management team will do our best to update Discord, Telegram, Twitter, but for now we’re encouraging more use of our Discord server.

Q: How can I help 1-UP?

A: Make sure to follow us on Twitter (get those comments, likes, and retweets out) and join the Discord. We’re going to start setting up AMAs and Twitter Spaces soon, so if you have contacts in any communities you think would like to hear about 1-UP let @mrberry_eth know on Telegram or @mrberry.eth on Discord. But most of all the more active you are and welcoming for others in our community, the easier outreach becomes so we can all benefit.

Q: What progress have the devs made?

A: Oh boy, how about this for the last couple weeks:

New artwork for the Metaverse expansion

*Refactoring of the following**

Player input controls

Character movement

Character 2d retro animations and spine animations

Character feedbacks

Character weapons handling and switching between them

Player server messages

*Designing the level editor and that includes*

Creating a tile map that the player can customize

Turning any sprite to a tile so it can be used in the design

Allowing the user to draw or delete the tiles in the tile map

*Project optimization**

Removing unused scripts and images

Cleaning up the code

Re-writing some scripts with better algorithms

*New matchmaking system*

Supports solo, duo and squad for all game modes

Automatic matchmaking

Invite friends to lobby

*Basic monetization system*

Introducing two new in-game currencies: Elons and v1-UP (virtual 1-up)

in-game store

*Restructuring the project*

Re-organizing scripts and making them independent from each other

Optimized Character Editor

*Character Editor**

Written from scratch, a fully customizable and smooth-performing character editor

UI Completely redesigned for a more beautiful look and a much better user experience

Load images from device onto any body part, move it and scale it up/down

Load/save characters

Use template characters

*Game UI*

Reworked the game UI, with a totally new lobby screen

Easier and better user experience




1-UP - A 2d gaming platform for esports and NFTs as powerups.