1-UPdate June 30th, 2022

2 min readJun 30, 2022


1-UP World Metaverse

A quick update as to where the project is at the moment.

We just posted our 1-UP world game play trailer which you can view here.


Expect more video content in the near future as we finalize development of the project. The Team will waste no time completing the final phases of development.

Lets briefly outline what’s next…

BSC bridge deployment and token trading pair on pancake swap. This is needed for mainnet development and any future volume will be linked to in-game monetary incentives. BSC works flawlessly with our NFT API and will provide users a fast and cheap way to get the 1-UP tokens needed to stake and play.

Complete NFT mint contracts for pvt and then a public mint on the website. The NFT eggs act like loot boxes, allowing users to claim random characters from a collection of nfts + a pNFT staking card. The eggs are limited in supply and burned when used further reducing supply. Similar to reveal packs in games like CS:GO, PubG and Apex Legends.

Game code optimization and unification of Retro World and Meme Arena as one single game platform engine with two different art themes. Retro World’s sprite based classic game play will offer players simple ways to fight and earn. 1-UP world and Meme Arena will let players engage with content tools and features that can expand over time.

Monetization and mainnet. The final phase of development. The project is currently in the planning stages of platform monetization. Details will be released once things are finalized and the team begins implementing the system. This critical step forward will feature every possible way to get us a mainnet app without wagering.

The general idea is that users will need to purchase NFTs and 1-up tokens, both acting as the gateway to earning on the platform. For play and earn only, a % of revenue from token volume and nft mints goes to a reward pool. Users will need to grind through PVE and PVP modes in order the get the highest share of the reward pool into their wallets. The team will deploy in-game monetization systems aimed at growing the reward pool as the platform scales. Players that perform well, increase their chances of getting rewarded from the pool.

We know the market conditions are at their absolute worst but we truly believe gaming and especially in this space, play and earn is here to stay. It just needs the right economic systems and incentives in place for players to earn.

So please stay tuned as we complete the final leg of this long and grueling journey!





1-UP - A 2d gaming platform for esports and NFTs as powerups.