1-UP NFT Sale Preview

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What is 1-UP?

1-UP is first and foremost a gaming platform all about having FUN. Game engines where users play real time combat games while providing them a sandbox to create their own game levels. Players from all walks of life have a chance to P2E, regardless of the size of their wallets. Create a custom room in the RETRO WORLD beta, and experience buttery-smooth game play and PVP mayhem. 1v1, 2v2, 5v5, matches over Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, racing to the finish and the ULTIMATE 10–100 PLAYER BATTLE ROYALE. And that’s just to start.

Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale game play modes

Win to Earn

1-UP is a multi-faceted platform, with skill based game play allowing players to enter a room, put money on the table, and battle for up to a 10x WIN. Some will win, most will break even, and some walk away with the lesson learned, and more experience to take into their next match. Don’t want to risk your in-game currency called eggs? Not a problem, 1-UP allows you to enjoy the same fun, F2P and P2E.

Play to Earn.

1-UP is also an F2P/P2E earner through its upcoming MEME ARENA game, which offers an unlimited supply of popular culture characters and memes to pull from.

Just a few of the exclusive playable characters in Meme Arena

Play as Vitalik, Elon, Bogdanoff Bros, and more in zany head to head matches to earn rewards. Start in the F2P mode and build your skills, earn accolades and complete challenges. Build up your inventory of rewards, and craft your best character build to mint and take over to P2E.

Weapons, Armor and more at the NFT shop

Come to the marketplace to purchase player minted characters, or purchase one of 1-UP’s loot eggs for a chance to score that LEGENDARY character, with additional weapons, armors, or accessories to add to the collection.

NFT holders become game level bosses

Enjoy the new “BOSS BATTLE’’ mechanic, whereby upon a Legendary character enters a match, players are notified and band together to take down the juggernaut for extra loot. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, they say…

Build to Earn

1-UP is also about creativity, and involving the community. 1-UP is built by a dev team who is passionate about gaming. We understand the critical role that modding plays in modern gaming, and the fact that so many viral hits like DOTA and League of Legends started off as mods themselves. We recognize the huge market share content platforms like Roblox ( $75 billion ) have in the industry, and the symbiotic relationship between gamers and content creators that drives this powerful business model. In the attention dominated crypto and gaming economy, staying relevant means constantly working to inject fresh content.

Keeping with the spirit of community modding, 1-UP will deploy easy to use drag and drop tools allowing anyone to create game level design variations with a variety of game play mechanics.

Create a level design that people love. Watch it vault to the top of the most popular maps. EARN money each time players use your design to battle it out. Digital media artists, and sound designers have a place in the 1-UP ecosystem as well. Create custom artwork for character skins, sound packs for game play, texture packs, emojis and more. Design it, put it in the marketplace and collect royalties on your creations.

What’s next for 1-UP?

With the RETRO WORLD game engine nearly complete, our team is focusing on squashing bugs and finalizing additional features, while work on MEME ARENA game engineis close to an alpha build.

1-UP is currently in talks and preparing for migration to an L2 provider, to eliminate the worry of excessive gas fees, and help ensure lightning fast transactions for the game and its economy.

Our marketing plans are taking shape, and we are preparing a large push on several different media platforms in order to get the word out that 1-UP has entered as a new challenger on the scene. Currently, we are pulling together a comprehensive group of youtubers, social media influencers, press releases and AMA’s with several trade groups for a full on blitz. Game competitions, giveaways, and community incentive programs are also being designed. And this will continue for the next few months as we build up to mainnet launch. Post-launch, we are looking to secure partnerships with other GameFi projects, Twitch streaming and mainstream gaming youtubers.

We’ve got some great plans for while you wait, too!


Get ready for our GENERATION ONE NFT sale! We are gearing up for mainnet launch, and ready to drop the 1st batch of custom NFT player characters and exclusive items. Mint an EGG NFT, and on the reveal date, incubate your egg at the 1-UP website, and watch it hatch a collection of NFT’s; which will be ready to use in the Meme Arena.

Few of the characters from the first batch

We’re not done yet! Randomly inserted on character reveal, will be yet another brand new mechanic for GameFi — the pNFT. Think of this as a key to access special staking pools, whereby holders will be entitled to exclusive rewards, a special lounge on the discord, unique artwork, and more! We will also be adding a limited number of pNFT’s into our marketplace loot eggs, so more users have a chance to hold this precious commodity. Only 1100 of these will EVER be minted, and the potential for passive income is beyond anything offered in GameFi to date. The 1-UP team is so excited to enter the next stage of this project, and even more so to bring our users along with us as we rocket towards success.

Forget everything you know about GameFi and P2E. 1-UP has been built BY gamers FOR gamers; giving users coming from any skill level, or creative talent, a chance to participate and earn. Come join us, and 1-UP your GameFi experience!




1-UP - A 2d gaming platform for esports and NFTs as powerups.

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