1-UP Announces Partnership with Phantasma!

5 min readMar 4, 2022


The force is strong with this one…

Greetings, 1-UP family! We come to you today with the most exciting of news. Over the past months, we have searched far and wide for the right place to call “home”. Thankfully, we have found one that we feel is a perfect fit and are happy to share with you that we have officially partnered with Phantasma blockchain! What makes Phantasma the best choice for 1-UP, you say? Well, let’s dive in and learn more about it!

In it for the Tech

Phantasma, which has been in active development since 2018, is a robust L1 blockchain solution built for secure and fast distribution. Phantasma’s native token $SOUL, works in conjunction with $KCAL, which you can earn by staking and is used for transaction fees on chain. In fact, almost half of Phantasma’s circulating supply is currently being staked. That’s quite an impressive metric! It has a host of features available, which allow for a wide variety of use cases. Interoperability (ETH, BSC, NEO), on-chain oracles, native in-wallet bridging, infinite parachains, and all on a carbon-negative footprint. These are just a few of the highlights Phantasma offers.

Most importantly, however, is that Phantasma has completely revolutionized NFT technology with their Smart NFT features. What makes a Smart NFT different from your standard ERC-721, or ERC-1155? Let’s take a look, below.

The future of NFTs

Smart NFTs

Putting this concept in perspective, imagine your car. You have the body, but underneath that are all of the other components that make it work and allow you to drive it on the road. Same concept applies here. You’ve been grinding your way through free to play and have collected several fractionalized NFT components, as well as a character skin. You’d like to take that over to the Play to Earn side, so you go into your inventory, choose your skin, weapon, accessory (which are all individual NFTs in their own right), and forge them together into a custom character build that you can now use in the Play to Earn modes for the game.

Did you just win a match and were dropped a really cool new weapon? That’s great! Go ahead and swap it out onto your character build, mint the new version, and jump back into the game. Just like you’d do with any other videogame you’ve ever played. The difference here, is that you OWN all of these parts. You can SELL them individually or together on the marketplace. For instance, you’ve got a damage dealing character build with lots of leveled up parts. Put the entire character on the marketplace and let other users bid on the NFT.

This is the power of Smart NFT technology. It allows us to build a blockchain enabled game that plays like any other game you’re used to. No need to manage a spreadsheet to see how the mechanics work, no static NFTs that can’t change and update as you progress. Having the ROM on chain, and allowing updates to the RAM allows for much more flexibility when it comes to programming game elements; not to mention making NFT ownership more secure.

Creating a Deep Ecosystem

Being passionate gamers ourselves, we understand the importance that allowing users to customize their game experience has for any video game that allows it. We see the monumental earnings that character skins, downloadable levels, and complete mod overhauls create for games like, Roblox; Minecraft; Fortnite; and PUBG Mobile. That’s money that non NFT and blockchain based gamers are missing out on.

Allowing the user base to take part of the experience, create levels, custom skins, sound and texture packs, and be able to place them in our in-game marketplace can only be done with Phantasma’s Smart NFT. It also allows for gamers who may not be the most skilled at ranking on the game leaderboards, but who are wizards at creating fun and high quality assets, to participate and enhance the 1-UP ecosystem. And, of course, earn from their amazing creations! Allowing for this type of feature on the 1-UP platform, means the potential for imaginative and always fresh content is limited only to the players’ and creators’ imagination — and only possible with Phantasma.

Meet n’ Greet

We’ve always believed that 1-UP has an incredible potential for mainstream gaming crossover. With PC and mobile builds being developed, we are positioning the platform to bring in gamers from all walks of life. But how will we connect with that mainstream gaming audience so they can learn about the benefit of blockchain enabled games, and owning your assets? We’re going on the road to speak with them in person!

That’s right friends! Phantasma has been kind enough to extend an invitation for 1-UP to join them at this year’s GDC expo, from March 23–25th! We’ll be at the biggest mainstream industry conference for videogame builders, bringing 1-UP and Phantasma to the masses! In addition to plenty of swag to hand out, we’ll be giving away NFT keys to claim loot eggs, and are working on a demo that will feature 1-UP’s first implementation of Smart NFT technology for attendees to preview and play at the expo. We’ll also be conducting a LIVE AMA from the expo! This will be such an amazing opportunity to bring plenty of new eyes to both respective platforms, and we couldn’t be happier that Phantasma is bringing us along!

The 1-UP team on the way to GDC

Building Strong Friendships

Of course, it doesn’t matter how strong your tech is if nobody is there to appreciate it. Thankfully, Phantasma has a very dedicated and active user base who have been dubbed “SOULdiers”. We want to make sure to send a very warm welcome to the Phantasma community, as both you and the 1-UP family get to know each other and learn about our respective platforms. Be sure to go checkout their community and get involved. The more we work together, the stronger we become!

There’s so many great things ahead for both 1-UP and Phantasma, and from our team to everyone out there reading this article — Thanks as always for your enthusiasm and support, and let’s take the next step forward together while we build the best blockchain enabled game out there in 2022!

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